Lymphatic Drainage

Cellulogy and Lymphatic drainage is an intensive vacuum roller massage of the connective tissues which promotes the lymphatic fluid drainage action to get a slimming effects. This massage method reduces excess fat and cellulites.

It is a combination of mechanical massage with a precisely adjustable vacuum using the method of suction on the surface of the skin. It is done using a special cellulite serum or ampoule concentrates to reduce and demolish some hard-deposited Fat in the body, activates collagen production, and reduces the scars tissues caused by cellulite and overweight. It also promotes lymphatic drainage.

Belly Endomassage

Order-Nr.: EL-101 00,00 ₦


Upper Arms Endomassage

Order-Nr.: EL-102 00,00 ₦


Inner Knees Endomassage

Order-Nr.: EL-103 00,00 ₦


Outer Thighs Endomassage

Order-Nr.: EL-104 00,00 ₦


Pain Therapy

Order-Nr.: EL-105 00,00 ₦