Anti-aging Facial Treatment

Anti-aging Skin rejuvenation with laser Stretch mark removal, Facials, Fat reduction with laserlipo, Cool Sculpting with Cryolipolysis, Keloid managment, Bumps Treatment, Skin rejuvenation therapy, Cryotherapy, Mesotherapy,  microdermabrasion, laser Skin rejuvenation, PDT light therapy, CO2 Skin resurfacing, Fractional radiofrequency, Face lifting with HIFU Ultherapy, Vaginal tightening, Wrinkle reduction, Skin tightening, Acne Scar reconstruction, Tribal Mark removal with Laser.

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  • Standard Treatment

This treatment includes skin analysis with our Derma contour Skin analyzing machine, vapozone, cleansing, Eyebrow forming and correction, removal of blackheads using microdermabrasion device, mask, facial massage and daily make-up if required.


  • Peeling

Removal of dead cells with Derma Contour whitening peel gel

  • Personal make-up Training
  • Bridal makeup with Airbrush Technique and organic mineral make-up
  • Daily make-up
  • Eyelash extensions


(For serious skin problem, we recommend a therapy)

  • Facial Microdermabrasion
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free treatment

Dermabrasion is a cosmetic procedure in which the surface of the epidermis of the skin (the stratum cornea) is removed by abrasion (sanding or with diamond crystal). Dermabrasion is used to treat sun damaged skin and to remove or lessen scars and dark spots on the skin.

  • Facial mesotherapy
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free Treatment

It promotes cells metabolism, skin rejuvenation, improves skin elasticity, restrain the acne rebirth, prevent the series of skin problems caused by dehydration (lack of moisture) and cell regeneration.

  • Mesolift Cocktail
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free treatment

It is for all skin color and types, skin flabbiness, lack of elasticity and firmness, hyper-pigmentation, grey skin color and “tired” skin look.

  • Cryotherapy
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free treatment

It helps regulate the skin and eliminate toxins. It delivers up to 90% of active ingredients to the third layer of the skin, shrinks the pores, tightens the skin, enhances the blood vessels to function efficiently, it increases the metabolism and replenishes the skin with moist content and reduces wrinkles, allergy, saggy skin, stretchmarks, acne e.t.c. it is a non-needle injection therapy.

  • Hyaluronic treatment
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free treatment

Skin rejuvenation treatment for hyper-pigmentation (dark spots), dry and dehydrated skin, sun damaged skin with roughness, symptoms like itching, grey skin color, lack elasticity and firmness and post-acne scars.

  •   Aqua oxydermabrasion/Hydro peel
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free treatment

Hydro peel is an oxygen injection in the body using a water pressure. The skin  is bombarded with fragmented compressed oxygen drops of saline, which is dispersed on the surface of the skin and cause friction without any skin irritation. It stimulates  the cells regeneration,blood circulation, activates the metabolism of the skin cells and collagen proliferation.

  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free treatment

It reduces discoloration, wrinkles and even scars on both face and body. Enhances cell regeneration and body metabolism.

  • Aloe Vera special treatment
  • Therapy-10x 1 free treatment

A special therapy for dry skin to provide moisture, regenerates and activate the cell formation.

  • Gentle man’s treatment
  • Therapy-10x plus 1 free treatment

Relaxation treatment for gents. Here includes basic facial treatment and facial massage.

             Anti-ozone treatment

  • Therapy -10x plus 1 free treatment

This is a repair treatment for sun-damaged skins, activating the protective tissues to fight against any external radicals.

Facial ultrasound treatment

This treatment can be applied as facials, body, skin rejuvenation, reduction of stretch mark, treatment of contraction and scar tissue such as around breast implants, and pre-and post-operative treatment of plastic surgery (e.g. face lifts, tummy tuck, and liposuction) to accelerate the healing process.

  • Youth acne treatmen
  • Therapy – 10x plus 1 free treatment 

Treatment for puberty acne. We do dermabrasion to remove the dead cells and endo massage to activate the cell and collagen production.