Photo Rejuvenation Co2 Fractional Laser treatment is for: Skin whitening, Wrinkle removal, Skin tightening, Pigment removal, Face Lifting, Freckle removal, Stretch marks and Naevus removal.

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This is done by delivering a laser beam that is divided into thousands of tiny but deep columns of treatment into the skin, these are called microthermal treatment zones (MTZs). Within each MTZ old epidermal pigmented cells are expelled and penetration of collagen in the dermis causes a reaction that leads to collagen remodeling and new collagen formation. By using MTZs, the laser targets and treats intensively within the zone while the surrounding healthy tissues remains intact and unaffected. This non Surgical treatment results in a faster healing process than when all tissues in the treatment area are exposed to the laser.

Face lifting

Order-Nr.: CO2-101 00,00 ₦
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Face Whitening

Order-Nr.: CO2-102 00,00 ₦
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Skin Tightening

Order-Nr.: CO2-103 00,00 ₦
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Pigment removal

Order-Nr.: CO2-104 00,00 ₦
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Freckle removal

Order-Nr.: CO2-105 00,00 ₦
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Stretch marks removal

Order-Nr.: CO2-106 00,00 ₦
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